Hosta of the Year for 2016 is “Curly Fries“.

I Love Hostas!  Every year I buy hostas.  I buy them at garden centres, plant sales and friends will give me hostas from their gardens.  You can plant them in sun or shade which makes them a beautiful addition to any garden.  Hosta plants come in sizes small to exlarge.  Sum and Substance is one of my favorites.   There are so many hostas , over 8,000 registered, there is a Hostapedia for the hostaholic.

Some tips for caring for your hosta plant:

  • lighter foliage needs brighter sun;
  • deeper darker foliage is best in moderate shade;
  • variegated varities need more sun to keep their white and gold stripes;
  • all hostas need some shade, they do not like strong direct sunlight;

For all you Hostaholics, here is some information on the 6th Annual Hosta Forum.


Enjoy your Hostas!