The Peterborough Garden Show



The 16th Annual Peterborough Garden Show hosted by the Peterborough Horticultural Society and Peterborough Area Master Gardeners opened Friday and continues until Sunday at the Evinrude Centre on Monaghan Road.

This year’s event includes more than 130 vendors and exhibitors, speakers, Little Green Thumbs Children’s Garden and the Little Garden Market.

Where do I start!  There is so much to see (and buy here at the show – I did buy a few things, well maybe quite a few things), but mostly so much to learn!

The knowledge and the wisdom here are amazing.  From the Peterborough Horticultural Society and Master Gardeners who greet you as you come in, to all the vendors with their expertise, to the great speakers who love to share their knowledge, there is almost too much to absorb!

Today I listened to:

  • Diane and Gary Westlake who talked about “Thinking Outside the Planter Box“.  Diane and Gary have been Master Gardeners for more than thirteen years.  For six years they were editors of the Master Gardeners of Ontario Newsletter.  Dianne is the Director for District 4 of the Ontario Horticultural Association.  Together, they taught us how to create and care for a variety of beautiful outdoor arrangements.  They went through options for selecting containers, various plants to display throughout the seasons and then how to maintain them.
  • Tara Nolan talked about “Why Raised Beds Rule“.  Tara is a garden writer and editor who regularly writes about gardening for the Toronto Star, as well as Reader’s Digest and Canadian Living.  She has great ideas about raised beds, so much so that she has written a book. It comes out May 1st.  You can find Tara at
  • Dawn Golloher talked about “The Newest, Easy-Care Perennials“.  Dawn is very enthusiastic and passionate and is the owner of “Garden Plus“.  She is an expert in Hostas, Daylilies, Cone Flowers and Coral Bells.  You can find Dawn at

Visiting the Peterborough Garden Show should be on every gardeners bucket list!  Enjoy!