How to make an Outdoor Holiday Wreath

Making your own Outdoor Holiday Wreath for your front entrance is easier than you may think.  You will need:

  • Wire wreath frame (they come in different sizes, so choose one that is the right size for your door.
  • Hand clippers.
  • Floral wire to tie the bundles of greenery together and then to connect to the wreath ring. 
  • A variety of greenery.  You can use red pine, white pine, noble fir, silver fir, cedar (lots of different kinds), boxwood and much more.

Now here are the steps to make your own wreath.

  1. Cut greenery into 8 inch long pieces.
  2. Make a pile for each group (4 groups, each with 4 different kinds of greenery.
  3. Cut some floral wire about 12 inches long (about 8 pieces) ready to  bundle the greenery.
  4. Take three pieces of each group greenery and make a bundle (heaviest ones at the bottom, lighter ones on top), they look like small bouquets, tie them with the wire and then twist the wire to make it very tight.
  5. Make up some bundles so they are wired together and ready to go.
  6. Cut some more floral wire about 15 inches long (about 10 pieces).
  7. Wire the first bundle on the wire wreath frame by tying it on and then twist the wire about 4 times and then cut extra wire off.
  8. Overlap the next bundle so you don’t see the stems.
  9. Continue with each bundle until you come to the last one and lift the first bundle up so it will be easier to tie on the last wired bundle.

You are done!

Remember you can add any accents into your bundles that you want, such as red berries, magnolia, dried hydrangeas and much more.

Happy Holidays!

Here are some links you might find helpful on putting your wreath together.