How to Make An Outdoor Holiday Urn

One of my favorite things to do for the Holiday Season is to make my own Outdoor Holiday Urn.

Want to try one yourself?

  1. Choose a pot that you can leave outside in the winter.
  2. Leave soil in the pot or if the pot is empty fill with soil, alternatively you can add half soil and half filler such as floral foam.
  3. Choose three types of greenery like white pine, silver fir and cedar.  There are many different kinds of greenery to choose from so look for interesting colours and textures.  Cut your boughs to reasonable lengths for the pot you are using.
  4. Add your Thriller.  These are tall accents that go in the middle to add height to your arrangement such as birch branches, curly willow or dogwood.  Silver fir makes a nice strong backdrop too.  Use whatever you like decorating with for the holidays or try different things like birdhouses, lanterns etc.
  5. Add you Filler.  Cedar branches are great for filling in, they are light and airy.
  6. Add you Spiller.  White pine is great for this purpose.
  7. Now for some fun add some colour to your arrangement, berries, glitter, holiday accents, ornaments, twig balls etc.  You can even add little lights to your arrangement or the fake branches with lights built into them to see everything better at night.
  8.  Add a bow to tie it all in.

Water regularly until everything freezes.  Once the arrangement freezes it is good until March.


Watch this video for step by step instructions!