Pumpkin Centrepiece

One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is to make a pumpkin centrepiece.  I attended a workshop at Griffin’s Greenhouses in Lakefield, Ontario (www.griffinsgreenhouses.com) and learned how to create this beautiful centrepiece.

Want to try one yourself?

Here are the instructions:

  1. Choose a small pumpkin (pie pumpkin), cut a generous hole in the top and with a spoon and small knife clean out the cavity of the pumpkin.
  2. Open up a plastic bag (a used produce bag works well) in the cavity and fold it over the edges of the cut pumpkin top.  (A bag is used to keep water from quickly rotting the fresh pumpkin flesh).
  3. Cut a piece of well-soaked wet floral foam (dark green in colour, not light green which is used for dried flowers) and wedge in if needed to ensure it is tight in the cavity and will not shift.  Cut away any excess bag at the top of the pumpkin now that the foam is in place.
  4. Cut fresh flowers (from your garden or purchased) to a short stem and press into the floral foam.  Arrange the tallest flowers in the middle and then create a layer of mid height and a layer of lower flowers.  Once you are happy with the placement of the flowers, add accents.
  5. To affix the handle, spear the underside of the pumpkin top with a wooden skewer and then pierce the side of the pumpkin to attach it.
  6. Water carefully, directly on the foam, and daily for optimum freshness.  Keep it cool, if possible.
  7. Remember all of these items can go in the compost when you are finished with them.

Alternative:  Skip bagging the pumpkin cavity and instead put a small vase or vessel to hold water or floral foam directly in the cavity.  Arrange your flowers in the vase.

Watch is video for step by step instructions!